My research paper explores both popular and academic criticism of dominant social networks (mostly Facebook) from a user experience perspective in order to form a cohesive picture of the more mundane details of its current design philosophy and how it purveys a sort of defeatism against one's confidence in their ability to control their digital public selves. I did my best to draw from the now overwhelming amount of hard reporting, prophesying, opining, etc. on the tech industry happenstance observations, quotes, and some hard data - a journey which shaped my original argument in a big way, as well.I tried to be original and broadly-appealing in my suggestion that one need not be concerned about privacy, intellectual property law, cybercrime, disinformation, etc. to seek out alternative social platforms, but simply interested in a higher quality experience. -From my Composition II final.

Retrospective Notes

Facebook manipulated the news you see to appease Republicans, insiders say

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David Blue vs. Big Blue Notes

Microsoft Edge Addons

Clearly, I am not the only one who's utterly exhausted with Big Blue's Blue.


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Notes on Facebook

A conversation with Ray Garcia, Jonathan Gold, Evan Kleiman, Bricia Lopez, and Carlos Salgado about the evolving role of Mexican cuisine in LA as culture, art, and craft

Source: Food Icons on the Evolving Role of Mexican Cuisine in LA

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